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Where Can You Put a Console Table in Your Living Room?

Tables designed for eating and serving coffee are ranked first and second in the table family. They frequently occupy the spotlight and are everywhere. And although they are adorable, side tables serve a purpose. But how much do we actually know about console tables, which are often overlooked? They have a wide range of styles, ranging from subtly understated to baroquely extravagant. But regardless of how they appear, consoles demand our attention.

What Is Console Table?

Console tables have undergone a significant amount of change since they were first introduced in France in the 17th century as a rectangular slab supported by wall-mounted brackets. These days, they are normally square or rectangular and have wide, shallow tops. However, demi-lunes offer a stylish option.

Console tables are ideal for corridors and other narrow places because of their subtle presence. They can also serve as bars, vanities, or desks when space is truly at a premium. Another option is to place one against the back of a sofa and decorate it with lighting or other accessories.

Side Table VS. Console Table

A side table is best utilized next to sofas and chairs, as opposed to a console table, which can be placed next to a wall or stand alone. Reaching objects like drinks, books, and phones is simple thanks to the low height. The ideal side table is 20 to 24 inches tall and 16 to 22 inches wide, as opposed to a console, which is wide and narrow and roughly counter height.

Style Tips for a Console Table

A console table is a multipurpose piece of furniture that works well in a variety of settings. There are numerous ways to decorate a console table, whether you want to use it as additional seating in your living room or as more storage in your kitchen.

Here are five ideas to get you going:

1. Decide on the Proper Console Table

Keep in mind the size and shape of the room you intend to utilize the console table in while you are looking for one. An oval or circular console table can be more adaptable and look good in more relaxed situations while a square or rectangular one is typically used in formal settings. Take into account the table’s height as well.

Select a shorter tabletop if there will be shorter guests who require easy access to table items. Choose a tabletop that is taller than usual if your visitors will be taller or if you want more storage space.

2. Employ Accent Items

To give your console table more individuality, combine statement pieces with more conventional furniture, including tables and chairs, such as vases or figurines. Your table will become unique and stand out from the crowd as a result of this.

3. Select

You have a few options for styling your console table. You can decide whether to utilize the table as a coffee table or have storage on the inside or outside of it. Make sure everything you choose fits your needs and preferences.

4. Utilize Accent Hues

Instead of choosing a neutral hue for your console table, think about utilizing an accent color.
Your room will look livelier and more inviting as a result.

5. Think About the Situation

Consider the occasion while selecting furnishings for a room. If you’re holding a party, for instance, pick accessories that will look nice and make the room seem cheerful. Choose more subdued objects if your goal is to simply create a relaxed environment.

Where Will You Put Your Console Table?

Put It at the Front Door

It is a perfect place to store the daily necessities, such as bags and keys, that you want to leave when you first enter a home if the foyer is small. It is also the first location visitors will find when they come for a party. In this instance, it is a fantastic location for finger foods or drinks that guests can take with them.

If you are having visitors over for a casual gathering, make sure to allow room so that when they arrive, they can sit down on their phones and bags. You want them to feel just as relaxed as you do. If you’re utilizing your console table in this area, it’s best to keep the decor to a minimum.

Entertain with Your Console Table

The enormous entertainment centers of the past are no longer necessary because many electronic devices have minimal wiring. However, a console table next to the wall-mounted television aids in drawing your guests’ attention to the entertainment in your living room.

Underneath the television, add a few photographs or a tiny houseplant to make the space feel more complete. The console table can also be used to store remote controls and game controllers in stylish home accents.

Mock Mantel

Your home does not have a mantel if it does not have a fireplace. However, a console table can serve as that extra-large shelf and hang below a sizable work of art or ornament that you would have normally hung above the mantel.

You can place mantel essentials, like photos or modest home décor items that enhance the mood of your living area, along the table. If you want to add some color, put a vine or a small stack of books in a more traditional living space.

Mini Bar Central

A console table in the corner of the room is a perfect addition if you want to have a mini bar in your living area. They look tidy and function effectively in compact spaces as a mini bar.

For the sake of your visitors, you can keep an ice bucket, drinks, and clean glasses on the table.
The console table enables you to perform at your peak and stops you from collecting drinks in one location.

Give Your Space Some Extra Flare

Some living rooms are very typical, a little boring, and in in need of improvement. If you currently rent your house, your options for changing the wall color, the trim, and other elements may be limited.

By placing a console table to a bare wall in your living room, you may liven up a plain space. Contrary to other uses, you want to cover the console table in ornaments. Include items that are sizable, vibrant, and that display any outspoken personality traits that you lack in other settings.

Seated Behind the Couch

You have to get creative with storage space for drinks and phones while lounging on the couch, especially in living rooms with limited space. Due to space restrictions, end tables might not be the best choice.
A console table can be placed directly behind a sofa and used as extra storage. While it is already there, you should consider adding some decorations and even some more lighting.

You may be unsure about where your console table should go because there are so many wonderful options. Remember that these tables may be moved about, so if you’re unsure, test it in one location for a week before trying it in the other for another week. By then, you need to have a good concept of where you like the console table and how it fits into the style of your living room.

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