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How often should you clean your bathroom?

How tidy is your bathroom in reality? How frequently should we wipe the counters, clean the shower, and scrub the toilet? You might be shocked to learn that the suggested interval for cleaning each bathroom area varies. We’re here to explain it to you so there’s no ambiguity regarding how frequently you ought to clean the restroom. Additionally, we’ll share some cleaning tips with you to keep your bathroom tidy.

Why is maintaining a clean bathroom so crucial?

We perform the majority of our hygiene tasks in the restroom. But because of this, it might turn into a bacterial nidus. It is crucial to routinely clean the bathroom because of this. In the bathroom, some cleaning duties require more frequent completion than others. Therefore, you won’t need to set aside all of Sunday to finish the room at once. What must be completed the most frequently, then?

How frequently should the bathroom worktops and sink be cleaned?

Unexpectedly, this has to be done the most frequently. Microbiologist Jason Tetro claims that sinks need to be cleaned and disinfected each day.So follow their advice and use a simple disinfectant and damp towel to clean down your sinks and surfaces each day.

How to quickly clean the sink in your bathroom?

Spray a non-toxic multi-surface cleaning solution into a dry sink, making careful to cover the faucet and taps as well. Before cleaning the sink, first clean your faucet and taps. Make sure to place your cleaning cloth in the laundry basket so you can replace it the following time.

Clean-up advice:

Do the areas around your faucet have hard water stains? Consider soaking a towel in some white vinegar and encircling the faucet’s base with it. Any tough stains will become easier to remove with the vinegar.
Any stains from hard water can be readily removed by soaking the vinegar cloth in it for a short while.
To remove the vinegar smell, follow up with a multi-surface disinfecting cleaner in the area.

How frequently should you change your hand towels and towels?

They can’t get dirty quickly because we use towels and hand towels to dry ourselves once we’ve been cleaned, right? Wrong! Bath towels and hand towels can harbor bacteria if they are left damp for an extended period of time. Bath towels should be changed every other day since they can harbor “fungi that cause dandruff”.

How frequently should a bath mat be cleaned?

After cleaning up in the shower or tub, you usually step your feet onto your bath mat. You might as well step out of the shower and into the yard if your bath mat is filthy. Washing your bathmat at least once a week is a good general rule of thumb to keep your feet clean and your floors clean. You can reduce this to every 3-5 days if there are other people living there.

How frequently should the toilet be cleaned?

Naturally, the toilet is the source of the majority of bathroom bacterial contamination. In actuality, “E. coli can be detected in the sink and within six feet of the toilet”.  We are all aware that cleaning the toilet is unpleasant, but becoming sick from a dirty bathroom is as unpleasant. Additionally, you may make it as painless as possible by using our simple cleaning procedure.

How to quickly clean your bathroom?

The exterior of the toilet should be cleaned with toilet paper to eliminate any dust since it is easy for the toilet to accumulate dust. This will make using a cleaning product to clean the toilet much simpler. Now use a bathroom spray to disinfect the exterior of the toilet as a whole. Finally, you can scrub the toilet thoroughly after filling it with toilet bowl cleaning. Before flushing the solution down, let it soak for a few minutes. More frequently cleaning your toilet will only make it simpler every time.

Cleaning advice:

To dry your toilet brush, rest it on the bowl’s rim with the brush above the water. Close the lid on the toilet seat to wedge it in place. Before placing it back in its holder, allow it to completely dry. A damp toilet brush can hold bacteria, and a toilet brush covered with bacteria doesn’t clean as well!

How frequently should you clean the bathtub and shower?

We must maintain cleanliness in the shower because that is where we clean ourselves. Fortunately, we don’t have to clean that area every day. Every two weeks, the professionals advise cleaning the tub and shower. Additionally, before to each bath, give your tub a brief scrub. It’s interesting to note that cleaning your shower curtain is advised more frequently than cleaning the shower, every week. This will stop mildew from growing, which in certain people “may cause skin, eye, and throat irritation”.

Cleaning advice:

Does the grout in your shower have a hard water buildup that is difficult to remove? Consider cleaning the toilet bowl. It is simple to enter the gaps between tiles thanks to the angle of the nozzle. Use a scrub brush or sponge to scrub thoroughly, and then use your shower head to spray clean.

How frequently should the bathroom floors be swept and mopped?

Every week should be spent sweeping or vacuuming, especially if you have pets in the house. Sweeping frequently will prevent dust from gathering in other places and making cleaning easier over time. If you have allergies, it could also ease your burden. On the other hand, mopping ought to be done every few weeks to remove any bacteria that might have gotten onto the floor.

How frequently should the bathroom mirror be cleaned?

Fortunately, the bathroom mirror is a space where aesthetics are the major priority. Mirrors are low-touch places, so they have a lower likelihood of spreading bacteria, even if they can contain bacteria from splashing back from the sink or bacteria in the air. Although it would be a shame to have unclean mirrors if you are already cleaned everything else.

Clean-up advice:

Use a microfiber cloth and glass cleaning spray to wipe down your mirrors for a mirror that is streak-free. To dry and polish the mirror for a completely streak-free finish, use a clean, dry microfiber towel.

The bathroom should always be kept spotless

While keeping the restroom clean should always be a priority, chores are chores. Inconveniently, bathrooms are where we go to be clean, yet they are also where dirt accumulates most quickly. As long as you’re cleaning, you’re moving in the right route. Want some additional inspiration? Always have a basket beneath the sink filled with rags and basic cleaning supplies. You will always have the reminder to tidy up this way, and you won’t need to hunt around for your cleaning supplies in another area when you need to grab something else. Just keep in mind that your bathroom will be easier to clean and look better the more you clean it.

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