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How can I make my bathroom brighter?

Although we use the bathroom to relieve ourselves, we also shower, bathe, apply cosmetics, brush our teeth, and sometimes even spend quite a bit of time there. You want a bathroom that is well-lit and tidy for the finest experience. Let’s examine the finest ways to decorate your bathroom to make it as attractive and practical as possible.

There are several things you can do, from minor adjustments to comprehensive restorations, if your bathroom is really gloomy to start. The project can be extremely diverse depending on how much money you want to invest and how long you want it to take. My personal bathroom is very small, but some clever window placement, cheerful colors, and excellent lighting have really made it feel bright and airy rather than dark and cramped. Let’s have a look at the top sixteen bathroom lighting ideas, from small powder rooms to spacious ensuites!

1. Light It up!

In your shower, are the bottle labels difficult to read? Time to add some illumination. If you can’t add more natural light, install recessed lights in your shower’s ceiling. Hire an electrician; it will be worthwhile, we promise. During your morning shower, you’ll feel more alert and prevent annoying shampoo and conditioner mix-ups. A bright, powerful light is also essential to have above your sink, above the mirror. Ideally, this should be bright and strong enough to allow for clear vision while shaving, applying makeup, or brushing your teeth. However, some lighting can be just too bright and expose more of your face than you would like to see. It never hurts to have adequate illumination dispersed over the ceiling, over the sink, in the shower, and in a few other places in the shape of sconces or lamps. Accent lighting can be used to draw attention to niches or any other design element in the bathroom.
To provide the illusion that the shelves are floating, add LED strip lights inside the shelves, below a floating vanity, or behind a mirror.

2. Opt for vivid and light colors for your walls.

Add a couple coats of a vibrant paint color if your walls are coated in wallpaper or dark, light-absorbing paint. There are numerous shades of blue, yellow, and red that reflect light and give the room a more sunny air without of having to be completely white. Painting bathrooms completely white is a surefire way to win, whether your bathroom is small and in need of a space-enhancing paint color, lacks natural light, or you simply adore white walls.

You can get a bathroom paint that is functional, worry-free about the color you choose, and confident that it will last for years. Contrarily, vibrant hues like yellows or sage greens can add radiance and a feeling of life. Play freely and without fear! Because they are very cheap and simple to modify, paint colors are a wonderful approach to achieve this.

3. Add greenery

There are numerous resilient kinds that will survive in your bathroom, including orchids, succulents, cacti, and air plants. Because they naturally filter the air, plants can also keep restrooms smelling fresh.
Pick plants that will thrive in the atmospheric conditions of your bathroom. It is commonly known that staghorn ferns prefer humid surroundings and moderate light. Even in low light, peace lilies can bloom many times a year. Learn how to care for the plant you chose, then grow your very own micro-garden in your bathroom. Hanging eucalyptus in the shower is a great suggestion; the steam releases the plant’s lovely smell and gives the room a rich, airy vibe.

4. Make Smart Bulb Selections

Replace your light bulbs for one of the simplest and most affordable methods to illuminate your bath.
For the best output near your vanity, look for “cool white,” “bright white,” or “daylight” bulbs that reduce shadows. Choose ambient lighting for areas used for bathing. In order to enjoy a bubble bath without having bright LED lights in my face, I personally adore being able to adjust the ambience in the bathroom to one that is peaceful. You’ll genuinely thank yourself later on for installing adjustable lamps with the appropriate switches. A CRI value of 90+ is common among the most widely used bathroom lights, signifying great color vibrancy and contrast. This is perfect for applying makeup or performing any other activity where color accuracy and presentation are crucial. Bathroom light bulbs are often mounted on a vanity light fixture or an overhead fixture. While an overhead light may be equipped with a conventional A19 light bulb, vanity lights often look their finest when equipped with the more adornment-oriented G25 light bulb. You’ll also need to decide whether to buy more expensive, long-lasting LED bathroom light bulbs or less expensive, incandescent bulbs that need to be changed more frequently.

5. Add a skylight

True, it’s simpler to design for a skylight while building a house, but it can also be added after the fact.
Even some skylights include ventilation that would be useful above a shower. Even without direct sunlight, natural light will give the illusion of more space and brighten up a bathroom. Skylights can provide light and ventilation, reducing the need for a bathroom fan and assisting in the prevention of dampness and mold growth. They work particularly well in bathrooms without windows.

Skylights come in tubular, fixed, and ventilating varieties. Building codes govern installation. Installing a skylight can be a challenging task depending on the arrangement of your bathroom, the type of roof you have, and other factors. However, this does not diminish the value of installing one. A skylight will give natural light, which has all the advantages mentioned above, in a bathroom without windows. However, in this instance, letting in natural light can help you save money on your electricity bill because you won’t need to use the lights throughout the day to use the restroom.

6. Eliminate Clutter Completely

Compared to a well-lit bathroom that receives lots of natural light, a dark and untidy bathroom appears gloomy. The bathroom should therefore be given a more organized and clutter-free appearance. Create storage space in the bathroom with a floating vanity, glass shelves, and other space-saving cabinets to appropriately organize the space. Every smaller space’s worst enemy is clutter, and windowless bathrooms are no exception. Bathrooms without windows are naturally darker, therefore when compared to bathrooms with windows, your area may feel more disorganized. To keep accessories to a minimum and everyday necessities (like shower supplies) hidden away, make an investment in some high-quality storage cabinets. You may arrange your bathroom with objects that enhance rather than take away from the room by just including what you want on display. It’s amazing the difference decluttering and maintaining clean, clutter-free surfaces can have in the bathroom’s feeling of brightness.

7. Select White or Transparent Shelving

It’s crucial to carefully select your bathroom furnishings and fixtures if you want to give a bathroom without windows the illusion of size. The easiest approach to prevent congestion is to use glass or transparent furniture, which will also help reflect your artificial lighting sources. As a starting point, search for glass shower screens or enclosures, but think about including other transparent objects as well. Glass surfaces or shelving, for instance, might be useful. My bathroom has a set of acrylic shelves that, in comparison to any wooden or solid shelves, give the room a much more open feeling. Leave your expensive beauty purchases on display by placing them on a set of transparent floating shelves. Unlike a conventional medication cabinet, but much more attractive.

8. Strategically Position Mirrors

It’s a terrific idea to add reflective surfaces to the space to help the light travel throughout it. For practical reasons, you probably already have one over your sink. However, you might want to add a mirror on the other wall so you can view the back of your head. If you have enough space, you could add a few side mirrors or perhaps a full-length mirror. If there is enough room, you can also include a full-length mirror. A frameless mirror is an excellent option since it blends in with the walls and provides a modern, neutral accent that you can match with practically any color and decorating theme. Mirrors are the best light reflectors because they bounce light off each other and throughout the room, enhancing and dispersing any existing light sources. Don’t be scared to combine them; although some people believe it may be improper to produce the infinite mirror illusion, I say why not? It is made by lining up mirrors on opposing walls directly across from one another.

9. Adding a Window

Even if your bathroom is in the interior of your home and isn’t near an exterior window, installing a window could still be a brilliant answer to your lighting issue.  As long as you maintain the window at the very top of the wall, there won’t be a privacy concern. You can benefit from other rooms’ lighting without using their common sight line.

On the other hand, if your bathroom is next to a wall that faces the outdoors, I would strongly advise taking into account adding a window. Of course, you should seek professional advice for this and ensure that you don’t endanger the home’s structural integrity. You won’t need to use any additional tactics to instantly brighten your bathroom; simply adding a window will make all the difference. Consider that before committing before moving forward, but if you have both, go for it! It will take some time and possibly some money.

10. Keep everything tidy!

This is the fastest and least expensive way to instantly spruce up a drab bathroom. Dust, filth, and any accumulation that does occasionally result from the combination of humidity and the items used in the shower and sink can be removed by thoroughly cleaning the surfaces from top to bottom. It is possible to clean the mirrors, the worktops, the sink, and the shower. To get rid of the plaque buildup, they occasionally need to scrub really hard or use chemicals. Therefore, for this task, be sure to put on protective gloves and a mask. Along with the walls and floors, the moldings can be cleaned with a damp cloth. The grout and the walls, in my opinion, are the two main differentiators.

Cleaning the walls gets rid of dust, which accumulates slowly but certainly without our knowledge and gives everything a grey film that makes it dull and lifeless. Additionally, grout has a tendency to accumulate dirt extremely quickly over time, changing from the lovely bright white color it was when you initially received it to a dark grey. Scrubbing the grout in your shower, on your floors, or anywhere else will change the game if you’re ready to put in the work. Mirror cleaning will improve their ability to reflect light as well as the clarity of your reflection when you look in them. Everything seems sharper and brighter as a result.

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