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8 Types of Fireplace and How to Decorate Around Them

1. Scandinavian

In addition to heating your space, a solitary wood stove emits a retro feeling that might make you feel like you’re on vacation all year. Lacking sufficient space for a fireplace? Scandinavian fireplaces are ideal for small spaces that need a little warmth and charm because of their simple appearance. Despite not having a chimney to decorate, you can draw attention to the stove by placing vibrant artwork nearby.
There are numerous exquisite methods to decorate it that incorporate many styles. The effect is completed by white walls, a floor to ceiling stack of cut wood, and a leather seat. Use light colors or dark but vibrant ones to balance off the fireplace’s black, which can serve as a fantastic anchor in the space.
Usually, pairing this kind of fireplace with MidCentury Modern furnishings gives off a lovely, polished vibe. You can experiment with furnishings like sheepskins, Persian carpets, and contemporary sofas since they will work well with the fireplace to create an eclectic but elegant aesthetic.

2. Stone

Stone fireplaces can improve the design of any house. You don’t have to keep cobblestone outside and trampled on if you enjoy its classic appeal. Although traditional and timeless, a stone fireplace may be simply upgraded to breathe new life into your house. There is a great alternative for every aesthetic, whether it be high-gloss contemporary or classic rustic. When combined with soft, beachy design, using the stones to frame your fireplace brings attention to the texture. Finding decor for stone fireplaces that feels genuine and stands out against the natural stone might be one of the most difficult tasks. You want a style that exudes coziness and comfort without appearing overly cluttered or taking attention away from the stunning stonework of your fireplace.

To help you create a stunning aesthetic that fits your demands and personality, I have some ideas for stone fireplaces. You don’t have to have gaudy or inappropriate décor. Add some plants on your mantel to emphasize this nature-inspired style, for example. For a number of reasons, plants contrast the stone beautifully. They enhance your design with color, invite a softer texture, and integrate seamlessly with the stonework. Ivy, succulents, and miniature ferns look beautiful on top of a stone fireplace mantel. To add extra color to the arrangement, experiment with different types of vegetation or choose flowers.

There are some stone fireplaces without a mantel. If this is the situation in your home, decorating may seem nearly impossible. The good news is that you can keep your design from being hampered by this. Instead, think of adding a wood shelf above the fireplace opening to the room to give it more texture, color, and functionality. With the stones, wood shelves provide a rich, organic effect. So, to help you upgrade your fireplace design, hang a wood shelf.

3, Brick

One of the most traditional and maybe simplest to plan around is a brick fireplace. Another delicate accent to your fireplace mantel decor is glass vases. To incorporate more natural elements into your design, consider glass vases loaded with flowers or other plants. Alternatively, you might leave the vases empty, add a light, or fill them with stones, depending on the appearance you want. Mirrors, as an alternative or in addition, make a great complement to any fireplace mantel design. To give your fireplace additional shape and dimension, add a round mirror or a mirror with an arched top. Mirrors give your design a sophisticated and elegant touch by softening the naturally hard exterior of your stone fireplace. Mirrors can also aid in enlarging your room and bringing additional light and vitality to your mantel.

4. Victorian

I adore Victorian fireplaces because they are so charming and help to anchor the room in its historical context. The Victorian fireplace will need to be elevated, perhaps with some paint, and paired with some more streamlined lines and contemporary materials, if you like a modern living room. Think leather, steel, and glass. On the other hand, if you adore all things old, embrace the style! Paintings and picture frames can give your home a vintage feel while also adding color to the overall scheme. Dark, grey, or muted colors are typical with stone fireplaces. Livening up the design is crucial because in some areas, this lack of color might feel dull. Use a few picture frames or paintings to decorate the mantel, or, if there is room, hang a sizable piece above the fireplace.

5. Floating Glass

A floating glass fireplace is undoubtedly a statement piece and a method to divide two rooms while keeping the space open and flowing. A freestanding fireplace in the midst of a room acts as a natural partition between two sides. Create an entertainment side by placing the TV above the mantle on one side of the fireplace. Place a group of pieces of furniture to create a discussion side across from the fireplace. There are fewer options to clearly draw attention to it because adding a mantle is frequently impractical and would look odd. Instead, consider keeping it simple and only adding a few cozier, earthier textures to balance it out, or, if you really love the ultra-modern look, keep the space’s clean lines throughout while perhaps just adding a few textures, like leather, to give it a little more warmth.
To make the space warm, think about employing substantial yet stylish furniture.

6. Tile

Tiles come in a wide variety and can be used to create stunning fireplace decorations. If your fireplace is tiled, think about designing the area around the fireplace and letting the tiles speak for themselves. The natural reflective characteristic of the tiles may be used to great effect by placing sconces framing it on either side, giving the room a bright and shining appearance. If there is already a mantle, think of decorating it with things like candlesticks and a lovely ceramic vase filled with fresh flowers. If you have an old fireplace that was perhaps built in the 1960s and is long past its prime, tile itself can be a terrific method to update it. Although it might be affordable and relatively simple to use, it gives the impression of a full makeover.

7. TerraCotta

Although it is less prevalent in most places, this kind of fireplace is so distinctive and lovely that it has recently become popular.
A terra cotta fireplace’s rounded, smooth lines complement light wood, delicate textures, and organic materials beautifully.
The result is a den that is comfortable, bright, open, and soothing.
You’ll get the impression that you’re in a meditation retreat.
However, it can be matched with a pattern rug, dark brown leather, and plants to ground it if you want to play it up but go for something a little deeper and more diversified.
The living room downstairs keeps things basic but adds a variety of elements, such as model boats and hand-painted lamps, to give the white fireplace and walls some texture and pattern.

8. Seamless Insert Electric

Electric fireplaces are commonly found in contemporary homes that are simply fitted flush with the wall, eliminating the need for a sizable fireplace to protrude into the space. This can be very great for maintaining a really clean appearance, but it can also drastically alter the decorating strategy. Because it blends into the background of the room so well, especially when it is off, it can serve as less of a focal point if you like. As a result, you can center your room’s décor around a coffee table rather than the fireplace. You may play it up, though, by putting a mantle on the wall above it and adorning it with cherished items. It can be framed by a diverse selection of artworks, returning the modern style to a more textured, homey feel.

Fireplaces are a ton of fun and a gorgeous, practical addition to any home. Depending on your personal aesthetic choices, there are numerous types and numerous methods to adorn them. However, you should approach decorating around your fireplace in a fantastic method if you follow these guiding principles.

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