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7 of the Best Online Second Hand Furniture Stores

It can be fantastic or not awesome to purchase used furniture.

Purchasing cool antique or vintage furniture is very different from purchasing some used pieces that were formerly inexpensive.

Whether you look online for “used furniture stores near me” or look for physical options, you may get some incredible second-hand furniture deals if you put some effort into it and go to the proper places.
I’m so pleased with the conclusion that FB Marketplace has now surpassed all other online second-hand furniture retailers in my opinion. Below, I’ll show you my buy.

Used furniture is a topic that both buyers and sellers are interested in, which makes it interesting. Sellers and buyers are both interested in learning how to buy and sell old furniture. It’s a sizable market, therefore let’s enter.

1. Kaiyo

My new favorite website for used furniture is Kaiyo. It fixes all issue with the standard “marketplace.”

You really need to visit this website for secondhand furniture.

I absolutely adore the Kaiyo website. Why? because only approved furniture is sold on this “pre-owned” furniture marketplace. similar to the “pre-0wned certified automobiles” that automotive dealerships market. Although it’s possible, the odds are better than if you were to purchase a bunch of used furniture from a seller on Craigslist.

You’ll immediately realize that Kaiyo is a fantastic location to find top-notch, name-brand furniture at steep discounts. For instance, I discovered a leather sofa from Restoration Hardware for $2,087 instead of its usual $5,895 price.

They even deliver and assemble, as well. This is not available through marketplaces. To pick it up, buyers must rent a truck and travel there. a plus for vendors but a drawback for purchasers. Don’t worry, it’s not simply convenient for purchasers if you sell on Kaiyo because they will pick it up from you as well.

For instance, on August 12, 2021, I looked through the available products for sale and saw a sizable Design Within Reach sectional sofa for $5,327, down from its typical price of $13,450. For a sofa that will undoubtedly last for many more years, that is an amazing price.

2. 1st Dibs

Dibs is one of the top online marketplaces for designer furniture, vintage and antique furniture, as well as jewelry and boutique items. If you’re seeking for a reproduction of well-known vintage and antique objects, their costs are somewhat more, but their products are definitely worth it. It is advised for those of you who are price concerned to first establish the scrolling price limitations before starting your search so you may be attracted with only the things that fit within your budget.

Best for: Those of you with expensive tastes and large budgets. This is the spot for luxury shoppers looking for one-of-a-kind goods. It is stocked with exquisite and carefully chosen antiques, vintage items, and fine art from dealers all across the nation.

3. Chairish

For those of you attempting to get rid of that enormous chaise you impulsively bought but can’t get through the door to your flat, this is a terrific, user-friendly software. Simply take a picture of the item of furniture, post it along with some details, and then wait. You get 80% of the sale price from Chairish, and they also pay for all delivery.

This internet store specializes on purchasing and reselling well chosen home goods. For sellers, their app makes it simple to take images of the items they wish to sell and upload them along with a brief description. Additionally, it provides customers with a 48-hour window to return the item if they are not satisfied.

Best for: Those of you who are design-conscious when buying furniture. You may be guaranteed to find fantastic antiques, distinctive brands, and a huge selection of designer leftovers at
Perhaps because of this, their prices are slightly more than those of some other online retailers of used furniture, but if you take the time to look for one, you’ll find their well-curated collection and excellent discounts make it worthwhile. If you’re seeking for high-end goods at moderate pricing, this is the place to go.


Whatever kind of style you want, Fusion Décor Boutique has you covered. You can feel safe working with them because they might simply have something unique that complements the style of your home. They have donated goods that are suitable for a variety of residences, whether modern, classic, or informal apartments; they have art deco and antique pieces that are a wonderful fit.

They have gorgeous sofas, love seats, rocking chairs, accent chairs, and don’t forget to mention end tables and coffee tables on their list of living room furniture. They have tables ranging from opulent, high-end, to informal for your dining room renovation.

There are options for adding complementary seats, and for the daring or creative, you can select any of their complimentary chairs. Not only that, but they also stock lovely hutches and creative display cabinets that will add much-needed interest to your living space.

Along with them, they have wonderful needlework products, and you can visit a variety of boutiques to travel through time. Fusion Décor Boutique constantly puts their best foot forward because they only take gently used, spotless, high-quality, and in good condition furniture.

Best for: Those who enjoy looking at antiques and are interested in fashion and design. People who want to create unique adjustments and improvements to their homes, including furniture, antiques, and embroidery. In essence, they’ve got you covered with upmarket inventory upgrades, regular modifications to the products on their list, and uniqueness for every item.

5. AptDeco

Not only is Aptdeco a favorite among New Yorkers, but the rest of America is starting to take notice.
This is due to the fact that they have made it much simpler to obtain your hands on a couch, dining room table, chaise, and more. They provide substantial quantity discounts and have paid for and insured its delivery.

It never lacks for comfortable industrial furniture, handcrafted artisan goods, or well-known names like West Elm.

With its headquarters in New York City, this new online store for used furniture is quite accessible for residents of the Big Apple, and it offers West coast delivery to all five boroughs.

Best for: Furniture buyers seeking for a high-end, carefully managed variety of used items

6. Etsy


You may buy and sell secondhand home decor and furnishings on Etsy, which is well known for its creative birthday cards, provocative needlepoints, and handcrafted goods. You can search for almost anything on Etsy, including media cabinets, chandeliers, and other items, and there’s typically a high chance you’ll find one because there are a lot of individuals selling things there. In that you don’t have to get up early to find a fantastic price, it’s more like buying at a yard sale without the hustle.

Etsy is a great place to buy secondhand and vintage furniture and interior décor in addition to the typical comic hero boutiques and embroidery from Game of Thrones.

Best for: People who enjoy vintage items and furniture with a DIY touch should visit this type of location. Etsy, which is also the most well-known source for custom-made goods, offers you access to a wide variety of goods from around the globe. Given its creative culture, the website provides you with a wealth of recent discovery. It’s the kind of website where you can shop at home like you would at an estate auction. Since their shipping is expensive, it is advised for this site that you restrict your search to your local area and take care of your transportation needs.

7. This is Not IKEA

TINI, an acronym meaning This Is Not Ikea is a vintage furniture company that was primarily founded as a passion by its owner, shopping junkie Alexis Hadjopulos. His unusual treasures came from auctions, flea markets, neighborhood estate sales, and garage sales.

These essentially make up the products sells, including vintage lamps, mid-century lanterns, contemporary benches, old-school embroidery, clothing, and more. Hadjopulos, a devoted consumer, has new merchandise constantly arriving, and he stands out from the competition in his sector by maintaining an online gallery. Before placing an order, you can browse here with TINI.

There is always excitement in the category “strange things.” They have extremely affordable prices and a strict 14-day shipping and exchange policy. It might be said that TINI combines the peculiar, eccentric ambiance and allure of vintage neighborhood furniture and antique thrift stores with the ease of your internet-connected gadget.

Best for: This is for the budget-conscious, picky furniture trader, buyer, or collector. It is an excellent place to start if you want to DIY-update your home to reflect any time period, culture, or day.

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