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14 Different Types of Bedroom Windows

Windows do more than only allow light and air into our beds; they also add to the atmosphere of a room.
Whether you’re building a new home or just want to swap out the windows in your bedroom, there are a lot of options to think about.

The fact that you don’t have to settle for boring, uninspiring windows surprises a lot of people. I compiled a list of my top picks for bedroom windows as a result.

1. Single-Hung Windows

Single-hung windows can open vertically by sliding their bottom window panel or lower sash up and down; this is a very simple process. When the lower window is opened, the higher section will be hidden within your bedroom because it is stationary.

These windows are among the least expensive solutions available, so if you have a limited budget, they may be the best option. Additionally, they are incredibly simple to install, allowing you to swiftly put your new bedroom windows in place.

Single-hung bedroom windows also feature locking mechanisms that are less likely to malfunction, making them more secure.

2. Double-Hung Windows

These windows resemble single-hung windows a lot, but they also have a lower and upper sash that can slide up and down. They typically tilt out as well, making them simple to maintain and clean.

Double-hung windows are fairly popular and are available in a wide range of sizes and materials. If you want to give your bedroom a little more personality or distinctive touch, you can even order them in custom alternatives.

Although they can cost a little more than single-hung windows, they provide better ventilation and are simpler to operate.

3. Arched Windows

One of my favorite styles of bedroom windows is the arched window. They not only improve the architectural style of your house and bedroom, but they are also built on top of regular windows to let in more light.

You can choose whether you prefer an arched window that opens or one that doesn’t. If you choose the variety that can open, you’ll get to take advantage of a gorgeous view of the outdoors and simple air control.

Be aware that these windows can be quite pricey, so account for that in your budget.

4. Awning Windows

Awning windows for your bedroom could be a good investment if you live in a rainy area. You might even want to use these windows throughout your entire house!

When you open these windows, water-resistant awnings appear. Awning windows can either be operated with a handle or a latch, depending on the design, and swing open from the outside.

Awning windows are convenient for wet days and simple to clean. They are also very reasonably priced and have a great appearance. Additionally, they offer more ventilation than single-hung and conventional windows.

5. Bay Windows

Another of my favorite window styles is the bay window, which is lovely and can be a great addition to bedrooms even though you’ll normally see them in living rooms or kitchens.

You get a beautiful view of your yard from these windows, and they also give the bedroom a unique touch. I adore bay windows because they can be used as a small reading or relaxing corner if you so choose.

However, installing bay windows may be very expensive, and since they’re so distinctive and large, you’ll need to hire an expert to do it for you.

6. Bow Windows

Bow windows are ideal if you want something very unique in your bedroom. The circular space outside of your bedroom is made possible by these windows thanks to their specially curved design. They provide you with a lovely perspective of your yard, just like bay windows do.

Bow windows give your home a Victorian appearance and feel while being rather large and utilizing a lot of window space (which I believe is fantastic!).

As you might anticipate, installing these windows may be costly and difficult without the correct tools.

7. Casement Windows

Standard casement windows swing up or to the side when opened. Because of this, the windows may be constructed of solid glass, providing you with a pleasant and unimpeded view. They have a few size restrictions, but they’re also rather minimal upkeep.

Casement windows can increase the value of your house and provide your bedroom with great fresh air and ventilation.

These windows differ in price from the mid-range to the high-end, depending on the design and store where you purchase them.

8. Garden Windows

You’ll appreciate garden windows if you enjoy plants or want to add more plants to your bedroom to give it a fresher, more natural appearance and feel. These windows are essentially small bay windows with planters.

They serve as little greenhouse-like extensions of your bedroom into your yard, flooding it with natural light. They also enable you to bring some of your landscape inside while providing you with a lovely view of it.

9. Glass Block Windows

Installing glass block windows is something that anyone wishing to give their bedroom (and home) a unique design and more light and privacy should think about doing. These windows are added to the home to improve air and light flow; they resemble embellishments more than regular windows.

Although you’ll normally find glass block windows in bathrooms and private spaces, I particularly enjoy them for the bedroom because they’re frequently decorated with distinctive and lovely patterned designs or frosted.

These windows should be installed in addition to those that open because they cannot be opened, despite the fact that they do have little vents integrated into them.

10. Picture Windows

Do you have a magnificent backyard or a view from your house that deserves to be enjoyed all day and night? Install picture windows in your bedroom after that. Despite the fact that they are fixed windows that cannot be opened, they provide abundant natural light and unhindered, breathtaking vistas.

Installing both of these types of windows will ensure that your bedroom has adequate ventilation and fresh air. Depending on their size, picture windows may be a little more expensive than regular windows.

11. Circle Windows

Another unusual window style that improves the appeal of a home and gives your bedroom a unique aspect are circle windows. Windows come in a variety of shapes, including half-round, circular, oval, and elliptical ones, and they give a room a Victorian or Gothic feel.

To provide your bedroom with adequate light and ventilation, you can mix these windows with other kind of windows.

These windows often solely have cosmetic value, and their cost might vary based on their size and patterns. However, certain manufacturers make sure their circle windows provide adequate ventilation.

12. Skylight Windows

If you want to increase the amount of natural light in your bedroom but don’t really have many options with your outside walls, skylight windows are fantastic. In essence, these are roof windows that look fantastic and give your bedroom a distinct atmosphere. Who wouldn’t adore the fact that you can always see the sky?

Depending on whether you wish to allow for ventilation, you can select between movable and permanent skylight windows. Installing electric skylight windows, which you can open and close with the touch of a button, is another option.

Skylight windows must be installed similarly to how roof vents are, which requires a competent specialist and can be rather expensive.

13. Jalousie Windows

This is yet another extremely distinctive style of bedroom window that, depending on your design preference, separates into various glass or metal slats. In essence, the windows function like a set of shades and open similarly.

To create openings that let light and air through, you’ll need to tilt the slats to the side using the provided lever. This type of window should be installed in your bedroom if you want it to feel airy and pleasant.

Because they improve ventilation and let in more fresh air, jalousie windows are inexpensive to install and perfect for warmer climes.

14. Sliding Windows

You could put sliding windows in your bedroom if your walls are lengthy. These window alternatives consist of two single-window sashes. To open or close, one of the portions will slide horizontally over the top of the other slide.

Installing large sliding windows will make your bedroom appear and feel much larger while also letting in a lot of light and air.

These windows typically cost a bit to install, and given their size, they are not inexpensive.

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